For decades, caroling had remained the same. No one thought to bring it into the 21st century… So, for the 2015 holiday season, we upgraded caroling with the Kahlúa Pocket Karoler. Stacked with a range of holiday carols that anyone could shake – and sing – along to. Sure, we changed the words a bit and added our own naughty twist. But the holiday cheer was there all the same. 

Watch the launch video.

It sure was tough, but we managed to squeeze 6 carolers into your smartphone. See for yourself at #kahluahookup

Since going door-to-door is so last century. We wanted people to try it phone-to-phone with Kahlúa’s Pocket Karoler. Together with Plan8 we created a web app that gave everyone with a smartphone the possibility to Karol (yes Karol with a K) friends, family and strangers at any given moment.